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RE360: Pittsburgh’s #1 Homebuyer

RE 360 is a real estate business with the largest inventory of modern housing in South Pittsburgh. With over 250 properties and counting! RE360 is the most complete and trusted real estate development company in the region. We are proudly headquartered in the growing community of Allentown, Pittsburgh.




Affordable & Amazing Properties

RE360 is currently the #1 Homebuyer in Pittsburgh according to RealStats/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. We lead the region in investment opportunities, new construction projects, neighborhood development, and high quality housing options for rent. Our professional staff is focused on finding our clients the right housing opportunity for rent or investment. We deliver the best rental options, with the best views, at affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more about our available properties for rent or sale.

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We Love our Tenants, And They Love Us.

Here’s what a few have to say.

“WOW – Most Awesome”

“My place was completely updated with new appliances. RE360 used the original architecture of my building to make it into something special. My friends are all jealous and they think I get paid way more than I do.”
– Sean S

Residential Tenant

RE360 has gone out of their way to accommodate and support our coworking space. They are an engaged and a philosophically aligned partner that sees the value in the rehabilitation of the hilltop neighborhoods. 
Josh Lucas, The Hardware Store
“RE360 has some of the nicest places I’ve seen in the city. It was really tough to find a place to fit all of my needs, but it was crazy, you did that with few places. I was like Ed [leasing agent], ‘this is nice!’ ”
Charles A, Residential Tenant
“Our place is pretty great. We’ve rented with some other companies in the past and as far as maintenance is concerned, you guys [RE360] have been so much better”
Amanda P, Residential Tenant
“I just moved to the city and RE360 had enough variety that they could get me squared away and into a place that I really love. And, they found it on the same day.”
Rich T, Residential Tenant
“My apartment is real close to places I like to walk. It’s cool to have that convenience without paying an arm and a leg for it”
Jimmy D, Residential Tenant