Making Money Through Real Estate–An Introduction

//Making Money Through Real Estate–An Introduction


Our 1st Original Blog Post by: Evan Fraundorfer

Making money through real estate investing might seem like the newest trend, seeing that it’s all over YouTube and your weekend morning infomercials – claiming it’s a, “Get Rich Quick” scheme. Well, I would be lying to you if I said it doesn’t make you lots of money (because it does).. and the reason you see the guy on the infomercial with the fancy gold watch and his brand new Range Rover sitting in the driveway of his large estate he just purchased (straight cash), is because people love to dream big – dreaming big is the “American Dream”! However, it doesn’t happen over night. It took RE360 a long time before we made a dime… but, when the money starts to come in, man does it feel good!

Pittsburgh real estate is so on fire right now that investors from as far away as California are buying houses here. So, why should you be reading my blog? … because no one has bought more homes in Pittsburgh than RE 360. With a total of 252 Units (148 Unique and Historic Buildings) serving 29 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods and 10 years of business.. We know what we are talking about. Each week we will be picking the brain of an RE 360 team member to bring you important facts and behind the scenes information that will help you start or grow your Real Estate Investment Business.

We are going to start from the beginning. Most likely you don’t have a spare pile of cash that you just can’t figure out what to spend it on. So, you’ll need an investor. The investor is going to want to hear your plan of action, and the plan starts with the property you’re going to be investing in. Next week on our Blog, we will be covering market analysis. We will tell you the sure-signs of a market that should and shouldn’t be invested in. Once you complete the market analysis, we will tell you where to find the best deals on your investment property.

Can’t wait until next week? Check out our very own, Joe Calloway talking about Market Analysis in this sneak preview by clicking this link:

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Evan Fraundorfer
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